The Science behind Zullaz

Biomechanics – the science of movement

Biomechanics is the science of movement of all living beings. In other words, it’s the science that studies how we use our muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments to create movement. Biomechanics is part of the larger field of Kinesiology.

Lower Limb Biomechanics focuses more specifically on the mechanics of structure, function and motion of the feet, ankles, knees and legs. Basically, it looks at the way we walk and it’s at the heart of Zullaz footwear development.

What makes Zullaz footwear unique?

All Zullaz footwear, our shoes, sandals, thongs and slippers use “Footlogics Orthotic Technology”. The biomechanics incorporated into Zullaz shoes and sandals is one of a kind and promotes foot health like no other brand. Our footwear range is extremely comfortable to wear and ensures support and cushioning to every part of the foot.

Biomechanical features (show drawing):

  • deep heel cup to stabilise the rear foot and ankle joint
  • anatomic rebound footbed
  • longitudinal ‘full contact’ arch support
  • in-built metatarsal support
  • cushioning under the heel and balls of the feet
  • soft natural materials used for uppers and lining

Zullaz : purewalking pleasure!

Because of its unique features, Zullaz provides all-day walking comfort that is second to none. Even if you don’t suffer from any foot issues, Zullaz gives your feet that WOW sensation of incredible comfort and support. Whether you’re on your feet all day for work or enjoy long walks, Zullaz will keep you on the move!