About Zullaz

Zullaz is the brand of footwear you are going to need when you are looking to correct your gait, align your feet and live a comfortable life. Our revolutionary Footlogics orthotic technology is what makes Zullaz unique. This footwear is for you if you are looking for the right amount of support and re-alignment for your feet.

The team behind the creation of Zullaz footwear is the same that came up with Footlogics. They made sure that the best elements and characteristics of these insoles were incorporated into these shoes and sandals. The final product that we have is nothing short of fantastic. We offer a wide range of orthotic sandals, thongs and shoes – even slippers!

If you’re looking for footwear that offers comfort, style, looks and functionality, Zullaz by Footlogics has all the answers! This one innovation came into being when we combined orthotic insoles with sandals, thongs and shoes. The orthotic support is seamlessly built-in to our footwear. Zullaz footwear is of the highest quality, sturdy, durable and fashionable at the same time.