What To Do To Prevent Foot And Ankle Injuries?

What are you going to do to prevent foot and ankle injuries? Is there a way to stop them from happening or will it be just another struggle that will require you to be more careful whenever you go out for a run the next time? Will you always have to watch your movements or be cautious of how much you lift at the box or how fast you run in the field?

Actually yes, there are a lot of preventive measures that you should take any way when you want to keep your feet and ankles healthy, functional and far from any kind of injuries and sprains. These injuries are very commonly found in individuals who are in sports or practice any kind of fitness regime to stay in good shape. They are especially common among people who are fond of running or playing tennis and /or soccer or any sport that takes a toll on their lower body more than anything else. But there are ways in which a sports enthusiast can decrease their potential for injury and reduce the risks associated with degenerative symptoms that might entail after a long injury. All they have to do is take some precautions.

Understand The Importance Of Warm Up

You just have to warm up properly before you start working out in the gym or anywhere at all. Any kind of sports activity requires you to first lightly stretch your body and limbs and also try to take out time for a slow jog. You can do this for about 2 to 3 minutes and it will effectively warm up your cool and stiff muscles. It is advised not to force the stretch exercise with a “bouncing motion.”

What Is Conditioning Your Muscles?

Yes, what many people don’t understand is that you need to condition your muscles as well for the sport. You want your muscles to get used to the amount of time you intend on spending on doing a particular activity. This step is thus very essential because you will need to gradually teach your muscles that the time spent on the sport is going to increase over a period of time. It is called “expanding your muscle memory.” It could be days or weeks or months but it will change and this is how you will be able to build both muscle strength and mobility. Cross training is such an example.

How Can You Forget To Choose The Right Shoes For Your Foot Type?

Now this is a point we can’t put enough stress on. This is because your feet bear the entire weight of your body and taking their condition lightly is not going to help you in any way. So if you pronate or have low arches, you should take out the time to understand the problem at hand and choose shoes that are able to provide you the much needed support. You are going to need it in both the front and under the arch of the shoe. The shoes you choose should be able to keep you very stable. And also you should consider the shape and the arch of your feet while making this one choice. If you have a stiffer foot or are struggling with higher arches, make sure to pick out shoes that have more cushion and come with a softer platform. You can also consult your certified gym trainer or your doctor to determine which sport-specific shoes you should use. Cross training shoes are also a very good and overall useful choice. In many cases however, it is advised to use shoes and orthotics in the right combination and only the ones that are specifically designed for the sport.