Know Your Injuries

You know there are several injuries that can really hamper your growth. Most of them occur in those joints that we use the most. These are for example your shoulders and/or rotator cuffs, your knees and elbows and also your feet and ankles.

Now your feet are especially prone to a lot of strain and injuries for the simple reason that they carry almost all of your body weight. Also do you know that you feet have the most number of joints as compared to the rest of your body? So that says a lot about how we are able to do some of the most seemingly impossible of the tasks with them.

If you have ever gone on a trek or for a rock climbing session, you must know and feel how your feet curl and grab the rocks with such agility and flexibility. This is due to the presence of 26 bones and 33 joints in our feet. They make our feet the most articulate and complex parts of our body. We walk, run and jump, cycle and dance and do almost everything humanly possible with our feet and we don’t realize at all how much stress we are putting them in. They become very prone to injuries and this is why we need to be aware of what they are. Here’s shedding a bit of light on them:

Don’t Ignore Your Running And Tennis Injuries

Running and tennis are two very popular sports but they can also lead to many injuries of the feet and ankle including ankle sprains, Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis to name a few. Most of us involved in these sports suffer from ankle sprains. We also encounter a partial or complete tear of ligaments and this can easily lead to destabilizing of the ankle joint. Primary reason is playing or running on uneven surfaces and /or turning the foot rapidly and awkwardly.

Achilles tendon is the strongest and largest tendon of our body and an injury to it can have negative effects on our calf muscle as well. It is caused from overuse and can result in acute inflammation or partial tear or rupture as well. The plantar fascia may also become inflamed due to the same force or motion and this means that the tough tissue that holds the arch of your foot is going to hurt and get tender resulting in heel and arch pain. Runners also experience pain in their tendons and/ or ligaments on the outside and inside of their ankle. Another common problem is of stress fractures and this very commonly affects the foot bones.

What About Soccer Injuries?

Up until now we talked about overuse injuries, but soccer injuries are often a result of trauma or a direct blow to your lower leg. Soccer is a contact sport and the collisions that the players make give rise to many injuries. Around 30 percent of all soccer injuries are due to the striking force delivered by other players.

Note: The Most Common Being Ankle Sprains, Ankle Injuries Account For 20 To 30%

Looking For The Right Treatment?

While there are several treatments for these injuries, they will all depend on the severity of them. You can treat most strains and sprains with rest, ice, elevation and compression. However, in many cases it is advised to wear appropriate footwear and also couple them with the right orthotics insoles and padding so that your feet get the much needed support and you can recover from the injury faster.